Site Solution

Our business strategy is to design a series of tower types which are visually aesthetic and unobtrusive.
The towers use concealment features which hide the antenna equipment.

Malaysia like other countries has an increasing problem with the visual impact of antenna equipment. Using the Omnix series of solutions eliminates this problem and ensures faster rollout for the operators and less resistance from site operators and neighbouring communities.

Our structures are shrouded in a radio friendly material which allows the equipment to transmit at optimum level without interference. MCMC have supported our approach and are actively encouraging mobile phone operators to use such solutions.


This is our ‘flagship’ solution and we expect to rollout over 80 of this type over the next 2 years.

It is a 4 operator structure which is currently covered with a fibreglass panel. The minaret tower is designed to be deployed on mosque sites and the shrouding will be coloured to match the existing building.


This structure is used in non mosque locations. The top of the tower is shrouded in radio friendly fibreglass which hides the antenna equipment.


This is the only solution in which the antenna is visible. The tower is deployed in less sensitive areas where operator demand will be lower and a less costly solution is required. There are many examples of this type which can be seen throughout Malaysia.